A TITAN Amongst Us

Patrick Cryptozoa
3 min readJul 2, 2021
A TITAN Amongst us! PC: Author.

The TITAN minting exploit is over. Iron Finance has renounced ownership of the TITAN token.

TITAN is freed from its shackles, and walks amongst us.

Iron Finance has also removed the minting capability. 35 trillion TITAN is all there is, and ever will be.

35 trillion sounds like alot, right? Compared to what?

In the land of Meme coins, this amount is small fry.

Let’s compare with SHIB:


The Shiba Inu coin also started with 7 zeros after the decimal point. Unlike Titan, it’s max supply was an order more at 1 quadrillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000

compare with TITAN:


Yet, at it’s height, SHIB shed 3 zeros:


The price zoomed 152,876%. Apply that to the TITAN price now, and we get a price of:


If you bought $1,000 worth of TITAN at the low you’d have 45,454,545,454.5 TITAN Tokens. Applied against the price rise calculated above, you will have turned $1k into about $127M.

Where is TITAN in relation to the SHIB chart? Here’s where I think it is:

…the real boom hasn’t even happened yet…;)

That’s if it rises the same as SHIB, which it looks like it may be starting out to do. You can play these games with other meme coins at their lows and highs such as HOKK:

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