EMP Money: The Detonator, fire when ready!

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The Detonator looked to me to be a sort of miner — but with some innovations. There are 2 prizes:

  • Biggest Deposit (Daily)
  • Lottery winner (Daily — Tickets based on Deposit amount)
  • 45 LP
  • 76 LP
  • 45 LP
  • 177 LP


The second prize is a Lottery, where you purchase tickets, 50 tickets max per day. Tickets are currently 0.15 LP or about $14.88 each. It would cost about $744 to get 50 tickets per day. This is for a chance to win today’s prize of 463 LP. For someone looking to allocate money into this, doing a daily $744 deposit would maximize your chances for winning via lottery.

Actual Results

Actual results separates the promises from what you put in your pocket.

  • Starting Stake (4/19/2022): 45.74/$5,003.04
  • Ending Stake (4/28/2022): 47.33/$4,566.34
Just starting to recover. ~Coinmarketcap

EMP Detonator Referral

What is Elephant Money?

Elephant Money is a low risk, high return crypto project with 3 investment options:

  • Stampede Bonds using the Trunk hybrid stablecoin returning 0.56% daily.
  • Elephant token for price appreciation. (1,908% in 1 year)
  • Trunk Staking for a variable percentage (currently 66.170% APR).

What is DRIP?

DRIP is a project that is able to provide passive income through smart contracts in Defi. It was created on the Binance Smart Chain, and the DRIP Token can be bought with BEP20 BNB.

  • Go to https://drip.community/fountain, and exchange BNB for DRIP.
  • Go to the Faucet, and enter a Buddy address in the Referral section. Consider adding the Cryptozoa team member Debby’s address for your Buddy: 0x61cd5e1ac65a1d30d36003a0219f81872df5e39d
  • Deposit at least 1.12 DRIP (Ensure you have 0.05–0.1 BNB for transaction fees.)



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