How I cured my Gallstone attacks with the Carnivore Diet

Patrick Cryptozoa
9 min readJan 2, 2019

How I solved my Gallstone attacks cold by adopting a carnivore diet.


“You have a large gallstone embedded in your gallbladder,” my doctor said. “Luckily, it’s too large to get stuck in your biliary tract.”

I’ve never really had any health issues before. Now, all of a sudden I was getting pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and now a gallstone diagnosis. Something in the back of my mind was saying that these were somehow all related.

In addition, I was just about to embark upon a journey through South America, and afterwards to Southeast Asia. How could I continue given these health issues?

“It’s possible to live your entire life with a gallstone, in fact, many people do, and do not have any symptoms,” my doctor continued.

She said she’d schedule a talk with a gallstone surgeon the next week.

The Surgeon

The surgeon looked straight out of central casting — silver grey hair, looked fit and trim. Explained everything clearly, not domineering or forceful in any way. Must be how you get when you do five to fifteen surgeries at $5,000 per surgery per day, I thought. A mansion and a couple porsches go a long way to allay the boredom one must feel in doing the same damn lucrative surgery day in, and day out.

“Gallbladder removal is the gold standard solution to gallstone pain,” he said.

How about alternative treatments?

“Not recommended, as gallstones tend to come back.”

Would you recommend this surgery to a loved one if they had gallstones?

“I no longer answer that question, because everyone’s situation is different.”

Gee, for such a straightforward seeming surgery, you’re kind of dodging this question for a reason, I’m thinking.

“…and we won’t know for sure that the gallstone is even the issue for your pain until we remove it.”

Greeeaaat, I thought. The expert is telling me even with the ultrasound, and tests, and my under the right ribcage pain, that he doesn’t know squat.

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