How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Patrick Cryptozoa
5 min readJul 10, 2017

This is my disclaimer: Do not blame me if this doesn’t work for you, or your condition worsens, or whatever. I am a blogger, not a doctor. This happened to work for me, but it may not work for you, but if you sue me I will win because I have a disclaimer, and you don’t.

Okay, enough of that.

Three Rules:

  1. Don’t eat until your blood sugar is below 100 mg/dL.
  2. Eat one meal a day.
  3. Repeat.

I was going to call this “How to Cure Cancer,” but that title was already taken.

I like to keep things simple, and was actually toying with just leaving with the three bulletpoints, but thought perhaps interested readers may want a tad more detail. Let’s start by answering a few basic questions:

Question: How can I tell if my blood glucose is below100 mg/dL?
Answer: Use a Blood Glucose meter.

Likely, if you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, or it’s precursor Pre-Diabetes, you already know how to use one. If not, you can read my brother’s review on how to use one here, and/or watch his video below:

Question: Why does my Blood Glucose have to be below 100?
Answer: Because Insulin Resistance, duh!

Dr. Fung explains Insulin Resistance best here.

I like to keep things simpler, though. If you have to wait until your blood sugar is below 100, you will automatically do what’s called Intermittent Fasting. Because having to wait until your blood sugar is below 100 can often take hours, and is defacto fasting.

But instead of mindlessly sticking to one of the eating windows of 16:8 (16 hrs fasting, 8 hour window for eating), 20:8 — or whatever, you actually use something to measure when you should actually eat. And depending on how Insulin resistant your body is, and what you ate the night before will determine when you can next eat.

For example, before I cured myself, I remember that on top of a meal I ate, I followed this with dessert, and had a couple pisco sours to top off the evening. The next day my blood sugar didn’t go below 100 until 4pm.

Question: Why only one meal?
Answer: I just like to keep things simple.

I know this works, and it’s the simplest way to communicate how to cure type 2 diabetes. It’s worked for me, and it will invariably work for you.

Question: Why does this work?
Answer: It forces measurement and is self-correcting, and simple.

  • It forces measurement. This pushes things your unconscious eating to consciousness. It’s known that unconscious eating is one thing that leads to obesity, what follows after is diabetes. By forcing you to follow rule number 1, you have to start measuring your glucose.
  • It’s self-correcting. If you eat too many carbs, or have alcohol, or whatever, this just means you’ll have to wait longer before you blood sugar reading goes below 100. It might take a day, or more, frankly, but at some point it will go down.This forces you to confront the effects of that beer, sandwich, pie de limon, or in my case — a couple late night pisco sours.By following rule number one you will automatically start drawing the dots on how foods affect you. I must have pricked my fingers 9 times that day, shocked every time my blood stayed above 100. And knowing that I had to wait so long before I can eat will make me think again before I go for that pile of sandwiches, or cakes, or donuts.What this also does is add the negative reinforcement of the finger prick for the blood test. Knowing that if I have something carbolicious will lead to me testing myself many more times per day than if I went for a Low Carb, High Fat meal, I might think twice about that box of tempting donuts. I might self-correct to not have that slice of pie, or that extra slice of toast.
  • It’s simple. Follow one rule: don’t eat until your blood sugar is below 100. You can add all sorts of complexity, like eating window size, macro vs micro nutrients — what have you. But by measuring your blood glucose, you now have a fasting window that is tailored suited to your body, and your eating habits. You no longer have to ask the advice of other people, or read books about Intermittent Fasting, or study how to cure Obesity.
  • You just study yourself.

Question: What happens if I eat one meal, and then just a few hours later my blood sugar goes below 100 the same day?
Answer: Congratulations, you’ve just cured yourself of Type 2 Diabetes!

This means that your Insulin Resistance is over. Instead of Insulin Resistant, you are Insulin Sensitive again, and your body has come into balance.

Does this means you can stop, and start eating whatever you like whenever you like? No, because you’d likely fall back into Type 2 diabetes all over again. In fact, I would guarantee it.

Frankly, what I do is just keep testing myself, and after doing this for a month or so I start to know how certain foods affect my body. Now, I don’t have to prick my fingers for a blood sample 9 times a day. Now I know I’ll need to wait longer before I test, getting this down to 1–2 pricks per day. You start to have a better sense of how your body feels when your blood sugar normalizes, and how long it will take based on what you ate the day before.

Imagine a day where you go to your doctor, and he looks back at you, amazed at your blood glucose and insulin readings. Imagine a future without the drugs you used to take. Imagine losing massive amounts of weight, looking good and feeling great.

Worked for me, and I know it will work for you.

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