Kucoin Trading Bot

Duh…wut did u shay? ~from Pexels


Here is where I stand in 11 days of trading:

Kucoin Arbitrage Trading Bot

After my debacle with COTPS and Swapnex, I of course went looking for more of the same — but, you know, more legit. I knew arbitrage trading existed, but at likely much lower percentages than promised by the Cryptos OTC’s of the world.

Why did I pick the BURGER/USDT pair?

IDK really, other than the other pairs had tokens I had no idea about. I used to use Burgerswap, and knew it had some utility — so I went for that. And I am liking USDT pairs for their stability. But, like I stated above, I really don’t know what I am doing, basically aped in, got some skin in the game, and am learning this stuff alongside all the rest of you newbies.

Can you say “Newbie friendly?”



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