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About Novatech FX:

  • Average 3 to 3.5% per week gains over last 2 years.
  • No losing weeks thus far.
  • Never failed to pay on time.
  • Profits paid each Friday. Referral income paid on Saturdays.
  • Reinvest to “compound” or withdraw, your choice.
  • Funds not locked but withdrawing trading capital the first 90 days incurs 15% fee.
  • No auto-compounding.
  • Owners highly visible.
  • Fully transparent.
  • Company is registered hedge fund and their own brokerage.
  • Long-term sustainable pay plan for those interested in sharing.
  • No requirement to share to earn.
  • Totally passive profits.
  • 70/30 split on their PAMM account.
  • They do the work, you get the ROI.
  • Optional referral program.

How To Invest with Novatech

  1. Enroll:
  2. Fund your account. You have 48 hours in order to fund your account. I used USDT (TRC20). I took some spare BNB, went to, and sent $10k worth of BNB to Changeto, which swapped it for USDT (TRC20) then deposited directly to the Novatech deposit address.
  3. Watch the training videos. “The 8 minute guide…” is a good one to start with.



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