Novatech FX — The Last of Us?

Patrick Cryptozoa
4 min readApr 1

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Yet another Zombie-Fungus-Crypto-Apocalypse? Or, is it a possible Rugpull-Fungus-FailWhale-Ponzi Cure?


Just when I thought Novatech FX was dead and buried, I received another not-insignificant payment of rewards from them. 0.0431 BTC, or $1,228 USD value, request for payment made on 03/25/2023, or 6 days ago.

The last withdrawal payment I received was back on February 24th, over a month ago.

I’m still waiting for Bonus Account rewards for:

  • $522.60. Request made on 02/03/2023
  • $587. Request made on 02/11/2023
  • $548. Request made on 03/03/2023
  • $303. Request made on 03/10/2023

Oh, and a $17,892.00 withdrawal from my Trading Account requested late last year on December 16, 2022, three-and-a-half months ago.

Reasons for the delay

The stated reasons for the delay in payments are because of the new regulations for California and Canada, forbidding their respective residents from investing in Novatech FX. So Novatech must pay those accounts off first, which seems to be at least partially a manual process.

For those second in line (aka: “You” and “Me”) they are paying Bonus Account withdrawals on a Last In basis, or paying our last reward requests first — presumably working their way backwards.

Another new (new) wrinkle is that Trading Account payouts will have to wait till their restart on April 1st, 2023, to give them some breathing room in trying to catchup.

Also, requests for Friday Bonus and Saturday Referral payouts may only be requested together on the following Monday, and not as separate requests, in order to cut the number of payout requests by half.


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