Get 40% APY with HEX! AND 3% on top of the Price Appreciation!

HEX has cast a hex upon the rest of the crypto world, besting the likes of ADA, BNB and XRP:

Cryptozoa member Sri M has been on a video-making tear!

Photo by Lê Minh from Pexels

Cryptozoa DRIP member Sri M has made what I think are the 3 Essential DRIP Videos. They are animated gems that give the basic information necessary to fully understand DRIP. The 3 videos cover the basics that most newcomers should know about prior to investing in DRIP. Let’s review the three, shall we?

The DRIP Network

An Introduction to the DRIP Network, how it works, the daily 1% interest, as well as its referral system.

Is DRIP a Ponzi?

Video explaining how DRIP functions, and debunks any idea that DRIP is a Ponzi, or Pyramid…

Stablecoin minters come to the Polygon/Matic version of USDC.

~from Pexels

I wrote about BUSD Minter, the first Stablecoin minter in the increasingly crowded field of miners/minters based off the original Ether Shrimp Farm. The latest entries seem to be focussed on expanding through various stablecoins, first BUSD, and now USDC.

The twist in this one is that it is the Matic/Polygon version of USDC. In look and feel, besides a swap out of the stablecoin name from BUSD to USDC it is an exact copy of the BUSD Minter:

Mining a stablecoin avoids the turbulence of cryptos.

BNB, Matic, Fantom — Oh my! Every day I seem to get another shill for a new miner. So far, I seem to be making money off these miners. The key I think is to build a downline, and to not just collect eggs/BNB/FTM — what have you, but to also occasionally hire miners/recompound.

The issue all of these miners run into is the “Tragedy of the Commons.

“In economic science, the tragedy of the commons is a situation in which individual users, who have open access to a resource unhampered by…

…while the amount in your wallet goes down!

PC: Pexels

Yesterday, someone in my TG group alerted me to a new token that can only rise in price. Intrigued, I took a flyer on it: 0.5 BNB (around $200), bought me 256M of the token GRV.

Every 8 hours, the price rebalances to automagically push the price up 9.81%. Every 8 hours. in 24 hours it would be 29.43% (not taking into account compounding).

The goal is to get to a $1 valuation. At the time of purchase, the price was around $0.000001. It is currently 0.0000157132. A 57% increase in price.

Opaque referral information, but highest payout on BNB

PC: Pexels

Yesterday, I took a flyer on Cryptoegg, mainly as an experiment. I was attracted by the 10% daily return, even though I knew that the high percentage return would likely lower quickly once the new money runs out.

Here are my 24 hour returns:

Another Chain, another opportunity to mine!

After looking at BNBMiner, I started getting invites to other mining chains. All seem to be copies of one another. For example, while the image above is from Matic Miner, this is Fantom Miner:

Another Shrimp Farm copycat, except with a 10% payout.

Another Shrimp Farm copy, this time with better farm graphics, and sound effects (that you can, thankfully, turn off). This time paying off 10% per day. Since this is one of the several copies of the Shrimp Farm, I am assuming that the tokenomics are the same. The “10%” is dependent on its pool of funds remaining able to pay that sum off. In the case that it doesn’t, then the 10% can swiftly drop.

I put in 0.5 BNB as a test to see how this compares to BNBMiner, Fantom…


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